What Is The Circular Saw Used For?

The circular saw is one of the power tools that must be included in your toolbox. It is useful in cutting materials with its round blade, which is edged with sharp metal teeth. It is the best partner of carpenters and cabinetmakers on making different cuts. The circular saw’s blade spins while smoothly cutting the wood.

With a circular saw, you can cut different materials such as timber, lumber, concrete board, plastic, metal, and paneling depending on your chosen blade. It can be handheld so that you can choose a right-handed or left-handed saw. It can also be mounted on the table for greater control and stability.

The tool is equipped with a handle that comes with an on/off trigger switch. It also has arbor nut holding the blade in place, which also gives you protection from the spinning blade. Additionally, they come with adjustable depth, height, and bevel.

Maintenance of Circular Saw

Just like other tools, circular saw also needs proper maintenance to keep its perfect efficiency. You can clean it using an air supply or unused paintbrush to eliminate sawdust. Take note that high-quality circular saw blades need to be sharpened professionally. On the other hand, cheaper circular saws are more practical to replace.

Safe Use of Circular Saw

It is important to prioritize your safety while using your electrical circular saw. Make sure to wear eye protection. You need to have hearing protection like earplugs, face shields, and safety glasses before the operation of your tool. Even more important, you also need to choose the blade to match your job carefully. Then, you must attach the blade firmly with the use of arbor nut. You can also adjust the sole plate for the right bevel and height for your application.

As you use your circular saw, plug it into an electrical outlet when it is ready to cut materials. You must hold the handle firmly and align its blade on the mark to be cut. You can press the safety switch and then the trigger switch. You must follow the cut mark slowly. Always prioritize your safety since the tool has sharp teeth that can potentially bring damages and injuries.

You need to stand in the proper angle and set the right depth to prevent problems while using your circular saw. Severe injuries can also occur if you’re not careful with its operation. You need more focus and take safety precautions to make the best use of the tool.

Types of Circular Saw

The circular saw has 2 types: the cordless and the corded. Cordless circular saws are ideal for DIY enthusiasts since it is portable and more convenient. On the other hand, the cordless circular saw is a more powerful tool compared to the cordless type. Make sure to choose the right type that can match your application and skills. With that, you can have a more convenient and safe operation with your circular saw.


A circular saw is used for different projects. It is a flexible tool you can use for cutting wood, metal, plastic, and other materials, depending on its blade.

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