The first commercially available all-metal Router Pantograph. Make mortise and tenon joints super quick and easy; very unique. Higher-res photo and info in comments

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I consider myself a huge fan of the inventor who designed this thing. The router pantograph was designed and originally made by Matthias Wandel of and is normally made out of wood. This all metal edition was sent to Matthias in lieu of royalty money from a dude in Japan.

Video of [this one in action](

And just the [pantorouter]( in general, including the making of and how-to (scroll to bottom for video playlist)

Link on info if you would want [to buy the metal version]( But at $1100, it’s way cheaper to build yourself with the [plans](

Sorry in advance! I know how much reddit hates it when people shill out peoples’ products, but I just believe that this should get more attention, especially from the tool-loving community

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