NRG3, A Roller Wrench Tool Kickstarter. I saw one of these first-hand, and they’re sweet.

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I actually have a MAC gearless ratchet that is almost identical to this one. Model number XR8PAZ. It looks like they don’t make it anymore, but it’s great. It looks similar to this design, but it doesn’t have the hex portion on it. Both the inner and outer ‘races’ (for lack of a better term) are round, and the rollers are shaped more like an hourglass shape similar to [what a sprag clutch looks like.]( It works great, and is reversible. My only complaint on it is that the head is a bit larger than other 3/8″ drive ratchets such as my snap-on ones so while it works great in theory for tight places because of very minimal angle of swing needed, the largeness of it sometimes makes it too big to even fit.

If anyone is interested, I could take it apart and take some pictures of the guts of it.

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