My top drawer

I can tell you this much about tools. The only way to get your money out of them is work it out, but working in this business means continually buying more tools. I’ve spent enough on tools to buy a new home, and that’s

Farmer’s problem-solving box

The hinged cover does a great job keeping all the sockets and wrenches in place. I’ve never had a problem. Our box is “light enough to be removed by hand”, but “by hand”, in this case, meaning 2 guys lifting, each of whom is

Leatherman OHT

That is pretty sweet. I am digging the color. My edc is a Leatherman Skeletool. Owned it for years and I was thinking about grabbing the black finished model, but I have become attached to mine.

Stanley Bedrock #603 Type 5 made in 1911

Yes, in amazing shape! When I found it (yard sale) it was all original…just like in the picture. All I had to do was sharpen the blade. $5?! I paid 15! yes….only 15…I already had 2 offers for 150, but declined. It is mine

Some red trim in the shop

I started out eating the hackzall to cut the ends off of a couple of Carriage bolts, while improvising a fix for one of my garage doors. Performed flawlessly, and loved being able to use it one handed. The multi tool was used last

Starting my first hands on job!

Mastercraft, and the Mastercraft Maximum line are good quality. With out Canadian tires crazy sales I couldn’t have started in my trade. All hand tools have a life time warrenty. The kid over counter get you your new one no questions asked. Unlike snap

Ain’t no party like a top drawer party

Left Side Top to bottom; 1/2 sockets * Grey Tray – Metric deep and short * Red Tray – Imperial deep 3/8 sockets * Grey Tray – Metric deep * Red Tray – Imperial deep and short 1/4 sockets * Grey Tray – Metric

Going to need a bigger box!

If you want a higher quality box at a lower price, check out [Lista]( cabinets. Better box than Snap-On and you don’t have to pay the snap-on name brand premium. I have several in my garage and absolutely love them. Many Mercedes/BMW dealers use

3 speed DEWALT Hammerdrill Transmission

LOL…I have two of these, one put together correctly, works great, the other…I found a bag of parts in a box for a friend having a Garage sale. I have tried, off and on, for TWO YEARS to find an exploded view…or risk taking

90 degree connectors are awesome!

I haven’t used it very much; however I retrieved the original packaging! In my circumstance, an employee of a Machine Shop *(who doesn’t have alot of the correct tools for the machines)*, this will be a temporary solution for removing difficult access TORX-Plus fasteners