DIY Socket Rails

Sorry, I’m confused. Is this just a holder for the metal socket holders? I was expecting the wood peg that you have there to be where the sockets would go. I do like the wood holder though!

SK torque wrench. Likely older than half of us.

beam type torque wrenches are a necessity when rebuilding components that are shaft driven and require bearing preloads — input shafts for hydraulic pumps, differentials, steering boxes for a few examples. measuring the rotational force it takes to drive something is a step often

I hear you guys like plier drawers

Ah, just so you know you circled the most used pliers in there. Apart for the Knipex being used as a wrench of way to hold large things those are really all I ever use for 90% of the time. They are Snap On

Full top drawer

Can we see a picture of all the drawers open at the same time? ^^^^^^Don’t ^^^^^^Ever ^^^^^^Try ^^^^^^This

The H.O. Studley Tool Box

Fine woodworking has the plans for a much simpler, but easy to build toolchest using Baltic Birch here: There’s a PDF file of the plans available for free here: I also made a Sketchup model for fun, if people are interested. Not

Special Calipers

yes and no Without a depth rod, its more compact overall. Say you need to measure something 11 inches, that means it will have a tail sticking 11 inches from that. So total will be around 22 inches + the jaw+ display. Large calipers

Most used tool between work and home.

I don’t get to use them as often as I would like but I do am kinda obsessive about cleaning my tools before I put them up. I also try not to beat on them unless I have to I know they’re just tools

Cleaned and Added Labels

If you actually use those more than a few times a month, you’re going to realize how bad of an idea it is. They will rub off so fast, and become annoying so quickly, that you’ll just pick them off from frustration. I would,

My first Snap-On tool, and what a first!

I have this model. Coincidentally it started playing up last week. I found out when doing up 100nm flywheel bolts on an BMW R65. Hmmm, why isn’t it beeping, 100nm can not be any tighter… Thing is going wacko at anything on the higher

Nice glory drawer. Here’s my version.

Love the stainless. A coworker has the wood top, which I was also considering if my rep didn’t offer the SS one for free w/ purchase of the box. The wood one is nice, but I feel the wood they used is too soft,

My “tiny” Posi Lock 110 3 Jaw Puller

Yikes. I’ve done some hairy stuff with my 105, and never came close to breaking teeth. Did the company sell you new jaws? That’s the worst one I’ve had yet. 3.5″ pulley off an aircraft-cable using weed whacker. It took 3 heatings with
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