Drove 4 hours for American screwdrivers

Man, I remember my grandfather got so many tools at Sears. Hell, we have a shop vac that’s gotten some ridiculous use that’s over 25 years old (I think it’s almost 30). I remember my parents and grandparents saying you could by so many

I love using these pliers

And that’s exactly why I bought them. I don’t use them daily, so I can expect most of them to literally last a lifetime. And in addition to that, they work fantastically, so I don’t even feel the need for an upgrade, or in

Here’s a step drill I made.

This has my curiosity. With thru coolant can I assume that its for cnc? Is it for creating some sort of profiled bore, in a single pass? or Different sized holes without a tool change?

Tap that

Sorry it took so long here it is and another pic with a 2 inch and a 2 1/2 inch. [Imgur] (http://imgur.com/a/5JoZE)

Filled up some of that empty space!

I’ve got one. I love it. It’s got plenty of power for what it’s designed for and makes working in tight spots without much room for ratchet swing (I’ve got the same snap on ratchets as op, so not much swing is even needed)

Regal 4-12 UN 2B HSG H-7

A drill is used for one sized hole and only that size. A [boring bar](http://www.boysungrain.com/images/project9-09/p11.jpg) can be adjusted to make many different sized holes. Usually holes larger than 1″ can and will be bored, as drills larger are expensive (depends on the industry and

I’m an aircraft mechanic, and this is my toolbox (drawer 3 of 4).

– Blue Point (Snap On?) 6″ reversible safety wire pliers are worth their weight in gold. – [This little bastard is absolutely indispensable](http://store.snapon.com/Round-Head-chrome-1-4–Ratchet-Round-Head-Standard-Handle-1-4–P650770.aspx) – [I’m pretty fond of this one, too](http://store.snapon.com/Round-Head-chrome-1-4–Ratchet-Round-Head-Long-Flex-Head-Soft-Grip-6-7-8–P648890.aspx) – A 3/8″ drive speed handle is a definite necessity. [This bad boy](http://store.snapon.com/Speeders-chrome-Speeder-Comfort-Knob-16-5-8–P631527.aspx)

I just discover this sub, so here’s my top drawer.

On big trucks, they’re very useful for air line fittings in tight spots. Same goes for hydraulic lines. I still use them rarely. They’re one of those things that you don’t need often, but when you need them you’ll be really glad they’re around.

DeWalt DW618 Router System

Doesn’t look like this one is included in the UK market, as far as I can tell. Does look like you can buy on [eBay](http://www.ebay.com/itm/DEWALT-Plunge-Base-for-Compact-Router-DWP611-DNP612-NEW-/281376484651?hash=item4183586d2b#shpCntId) though.

Henry O. Studley Woodworking Toolchest

Oh OK. Thought it was a portable one. Thanks for the response. Those hand crafted things are awesome today. Guess it’s unknown if it’s a Freemason set, despite having a G in the compass and square. Weird how it’s wall mounted when it is

My tools for next weeks pig butchering

Get a hoist and some place as high as your pig is long plus one foot to anchor it to. You do not want to be fighting gravity. Also, you might want to ask around at the place you get your pig feed for

My favorite wrenches

Not the person you were replying to, but my uncle has been a mechanic for 35+ years. He keeps two sets of everything, all Craftsman Pro. That way he always has a backup in case something breaks, and then after the job is complete