Chainsaw go kart mod

You just killed the fantasy I’ve had ever since I clicked on this image thirty seconds ago. I hope you and reality are happy… It just looked like such trailer park goodness.

New delivery! Automotive student

I see you got a FX80 ratchet. I have the same one, but with the comfort handle. I use it everyday and love the hell out of it. I would also recommend the [FLL80]( It’s a nice addition and I end up using it

BMW Team rll z4 24 Hours of Daytona

What I love about a pro team is that they have a SET of tools for each project. Brakes? Bang, there’s all the shit I need. Suspension arm? Bang. I’d love to apprentice for Leena Gade for just a day.

My home garage

With this many tools, you **have** to work with tools for a living? (Or not, and you could just be an addict like a lot of us…) What do you do? Is your work space more impressive? Or are they all company supplied tools?

DIY Socket Rails

Sorry, I’m confused. Is this just a holder for the metal socket holders? I was expecting the wood peg that you have there to be where the sockets would go. I do like the wood holder though!

SK torque wrench. Likely older than half of us.

beam type torque wrenches are a necessity when rebuilding components that are shaft driven and require bearing preloads — input shafts for hydraulic pumps, differentials, steering boxes for a few examples. measuring the rotational force it takes to drive something is a step often

I hear you guys like plier drawers

Ah, just so you know you circled the most used pliers in there. Apart for the Knipex being used as a wrench of way to hold large things those are really all I ever use for 90% of the time. They are Snap On

Full top drawer

Can we see a picture of all the drawers open at the same time? ^^^^^^Don’t ^^^^^^Ever ^^^^^^Try ^^^^^^This

The H.O. Studley Tool Box

Fine woodworking has the plans for a much simpler, but easy to build toolchest using Baltic Birch here: There’s a PDF file of the plans available for free here: I also made a Sketchup model for fun, if people are interested. Not

Special Calipers

yes and no Without a depth rod, its more compact overall. Say you need to measure something 11 inches, that means it will have a tail sticking 11 inches from that. So total will be around 22 inches + the jaw+ display. Large calipers

Most used tool between work and home.

I don’t get to use them as often as I would like but I do am kinda obsessive about cleaning my tools before I put them up. I also try not to beat on them unless I have to I know they’re just tools
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