Found an old torque wrench at work!

I agree and I think the reason why is because it eliminates human error. When I’m crammed into the engine compartment or a bus and I have like 5 inches of clearance between the top of the tool and a bulkhead, there’s no way

Organizing some tools into new boxes

In the top right organizer it looks like you have some 3″ robertson drive bits (in the bag) with a quick connect end but a round shaft. Where did you get those? I have one but I can’t find any others like it.

In with the new, out with the old.

I am a heavy duty diesel tech in a small shop. So not being able to move it around it’s a huge deal. However it is nice to be able to get it right next to my work bay. Being a heavy duty tech

My top drawer as a Chrysler Dealer Tech

I like your dad’s sense of humor. We have done away with the a604 trans completely, now we have the better version with the 62te, does not leak like the old 42te and have been an overall good transmission. The 8-speed is pretty much

Got a new bag, album in comments

Ok I’ll try to answer the best I can. I love finding people interested in ncatt as it is rare. Also just a reminder all my comments are my opinion only. Firstly you are absolutely correct- the more certifications and licenses you have the

Just got my new socket rails in

Looks wise I’m with them 100%, functionality is not quite as phenomenal but still good. Sometimes the twist locks are finicky and the dura-clips (ordered them by accident, replaced with twists) don’t hold AT ALL. The push-to-release on the individual rails works well which

My top drawer

I can tell you this much about tools. The only way to get your money out of them is work it out, but working in this business means continually buying more tools. I’ve spent enough on tools to buy a new home, and that’s

Farmer’s problem-solving box

The hinged cover does a great job keeping all the sockets and wrenches in place. I’ve never had a problem. Our box is “light enough to be removed by hand”, but “by hand”, in this case, meaning 2 guys lifting, each of whom is

Leatherman OHT

That is pretty sweet. I am digging the color. My edc is a Leatherman Skeletool. Owned it for years and I was thinking about grabbing the black finished model, but I have become attached to mine.

Stanley Bedrock #603 Type 5 made in 1911

Yes, in amazing shape! When I found it (yard sale) it was all original…just like in the picture. All I had to do was sharpen the blade. $5?! I paid 15! yes….only 15…I already had 2 offers for 150, but declined. It is mine