Cleaned and Added Labels

If you actually use those more than a few times a month, you’re going to realize how bad of an idea it is. They will rub off so fast, and become annoying so quickly, that you’ll just pick them off from frustration. I would,

My first Snap-On tool, and what a first!

I have this model. Coincidentally it started playing up last week. I found out when doing up 100nm flywheel bolts on an BMW R65. Hmmm, why isn’t it beeping, 100nm can not be any tighter… Thing is going wacko at anything on the higher

Nice glory drawer. Here’s my version.

Love the stainless. A coworker has the wood top, which I was also considering if my rep didn’t offer the SS one for free w/ purchase of the box. The wood one is nice, but I feel the wood they used is too soft,

My “tiny” Posi Lock 110 3 Jaw Puller

Yikes. I’ve done some hairy stuff with my 105, and never came close to breaking teeth. Did the company sell you new jaws? That’s the worst one I’ve had yet. 3.5″ pulley off an aircraft-cable using weed whacker. It took 3 heatings with

A set of 5 traditional brass caulking irons.

I couldn’t wait till Monday to find out so I did some googling and found [this]( >Oakum is thicker and oil based. The unspun cotton works in narrower seams and freeboard seams (from waterline to gunwale). The oil based oakum can/will discolor white paint

Timberland PRO Rip Saw Logger Boots

I’m thinking about getting a pair of logger boots. I’m a mechanic but I like to have a little bit of a heel. I’ve never owned an expensive pair of work boots before. Are these made in america, what’s the warranty, about how much?

My Cooke & Hull sextant.

If your GPS works well, they are not needed. I take sights partly to keep in practice for an electronics breakdown, partly in homage and connection to the navigators of old. When I’m cursing with a hazy horizon, or looking for a break in

Drove 4 hours for American screwdrivers

Man, I remember my grandfather got so many tools at Sears. Hell, we have a shop vac that’s gotten some ridiculous use that’s over 25 years old (I think it’s almost 30). I remember my parents and grandparents saying you could by so many

I love using these pliers

And that’s exactly why I bought them. I don’t use them daily, so I can expect most of them to literally last a lifetime. And in addition to that, they work fantastically, so I don’t even feel the need for an upgrade, or in

Here’s a step drill I made.

This has my curiosity. With thru coolant can I assume that its for cnc? Is it for creating some sort of profiled bore, in a single pass? or Different sized holes without a tool change?

Tap that

Sorry it took so long here it is and another pic with a 2 inch and a 2 1/2 inch. [Imgur] (
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